Thursday, November 7, 2013

Red Head

Hey everyone, I recently dyed my hair red. Not ginger, but like fiery red. Here is roughly what it looks like:
The red has faded a bit and it doesn't look as bright and vibrant as I wanted, so I'm gonna dye it again. I really wanted this red velvet cupcake color, and overall I am happy with it. I used Garnier Nutrisse Ultra-Color in Light Intense Auburn (R3). I never go to a salon to get it dyed because, it is too expensive when you can get practically the same results for less than a third of the price. To pick out my color I found this video which really helped me out.
This is a video by Savannah K Wallace from Maidae, and it is great if you are thinking of dyeing your hair red. As you can see I used the same color and brand as she did. I love colorful hair to death, and red is a color that can be kinda artificial and kinda not at the same time, its great. And last but not least I wanted to tell you guys about my pinterest. Feel free to follow me my name is BobbySockGirl, and I post almost daily really great stuff. So Please Follow me on pinterest and I won't disappoint!

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