Sunday, August 25, 2013

My New Machine

Hey Everyone! I am SUPER excited about my new sewing machine.
It's vintage!!I have named her Bernadette. I hadn't really planned on buying a sewing machine, I had been pinning vintage sewing machines on Pinterest lately as well as favoriting them on Etsy. So when I saw one at an estate sale, it was a dream come true (literally, I had a dream about it the night before) Friday-Saturday I worked hard at setting up a garage sale and selling my old things, I made $144.62. The machine was priced for $300, but first we had to see if it worked, when it did I was so excited I had to buy it. Their lowest price was $250, so my darling mother decided to pay for half until I can pay her back. I took it home right away and started to clean the old thing. Here is a great tutorial I found for how to clean it.
Since my machine didn't come with a manual and wasn't clearly marked, I had to figure out what model my little singer was. I found a great little guide online, which is sort of like a quiz you take to find out what model your machine is. CLICK HERE if you want to take the quiz. 
After taking this, I found my machine is a Featherweight Singer Model 221 made in 1950. It works pretty well, we just need to fix some bugs up a bit. As well as the smell, you know the old, and moldy smell. If you have any suggestions as to how to get rid of this smell, let me know. While I am super excited, I am getting quite frustrated with the problems that need fixing, not sure I am gonna want to pay $100 to get it serviced until I am at my wits end. 
Also, we are going to Pasadena, California this Friday for my mom's cousin's wedding. Hoping to check out the vintage shopping as well as a couple famous sites, maybe I will find Audrey Hepburn's star on the walk of fame

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage Bangs

Hey Everyone, lately I have been considering cutting bangs...again. See, I cut them before and I just now finished growing them out. I just find that when my hair is pulled back in a vintage style ponytail, it just doesn't flatter my face, the way it does on other people. I was thinking a nice side bang to start off, and if I like it  I might go full out bangs. Here are my inspirations:

My inspiration was mainly from Brigitte Bardot.
Here is what it would be like in a ponytail. I think she has grapes on her neck...

Look -- I think Brigitte Bardot had the same cowlicks in her bangs as me ... We have sooo much in common.
And here she is yet again, you get the general idea. Below is a couple pictures of Audrey Hepburn showing us how she cuts bangs.

How to Cut Bangs Like a Lady. {gif}
So technically, I would cut them like Emma Stone's down here, then pin curl it to make it this shape.

Emma Stone: Sleek and polished, Emma Stone's midlength fringe is a perfect example of bangs that can be styled down the center or swept off to the side.
Now before I grab the scissors, I want to be sure this will suit my face shape, so I researched it and I found a great site which let's you put hairstyles on your face before you get them. To visit it CLICK HERE. Or if you want to find out your face shape so you can see if bangs will flatter you, CLICK HERE. Or if you want to see more vintage bangs check out this blog post!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Hello lovely followers! I need a petticoat and have been on the search for one, I could sew one, but only if it is significantly cheaper because, I have so many projects still to do. I recently found a website which has the chiffon style I like. To check it out CLICK HERE.
I have recently learned there are three diffrent types of volumizing skirts. Petticoats, which are made of layers of fabric worn under skirts and dresses to add volume. 
This is the style I want becuase it is soft, and ruffley! Next, there is Pettiskirts,which are not to be worn under dresses and skirts. But to be worn, as a skirt. It's not really my style, but it could work.
Last is a crinoline, which is made with tulle or net, This one is better for a more extreme volume, however if there isn't a layer of fabric in between your legs and the tulle it is scratchy.
Which style is your favorite?

Sewing Projects

Hello Everyone! I have so many sewing projects still to do, and am putting off some summer projects until next summer since fall is coming up anyways.
1. This weekend I am going to sew a red swimsuit top, which I will pair with the Bombshell Swimsuit Bottoms, which my mom has nicely offered to make for me.

2. Next, I plan on altering my yellow vintage dress, which used to be my grandmother's wedding rehearsal dress in the early 1960s.
3. Then, I will get back to my red dress, which had been put on hold due to the bodice being huge! So, then I will get back to that.

4. Next, I will be drafting a pattern using Gertie's New book for better sewing Pattern. Specifically the circle skirt pattern, which will be nice for odd pieces of fabric I have left over from other projects.

Keep reading to see how the suit turns out, as well as my other projects!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School Shopping

Hey everyone! I took the time yesterday to go back to school shopping at my two favorite vintage shops in U- District, Lucky and Redlight. I plan to go to the Redlight in Capital Hill before school starts as well. I spent under 100$ about...$84. Here is what I got:

This 1960s pink dress with a cute plaid print, it fits like a glove which is refreshing becuase normally when I shop vintage nothing fits, I suspect this dress was a junior size dress. It is made out of a kind of cotton material, so it isn't really fallish but, I can always wear a cardigan. I got this at Lucky Vintage for $30.
Next, I got this nightgown from Lucky vintage, I only had to take in the straps 2 inches of either side, which is easy and it is worth it. Up until now most of my sleepwear is just old T-shirts and shorts, so it is nice to have something cozy as well as vintage and pretty. It was only $20. I could always wear it as a dress when going to the ballet.
Then I got this fabulous leopard print beret. It was $16 at Redlight and I thought "Gee, I really can't live without a vintage leopard print beret!"

And Last, my little bobby sox jacket. It is fully lined, wool and absolutely looked brand new. It was only $18 at Redlight! I am pretty proud of this purchase. More Later! Bye!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Drop-Waist---50s Style

Lately, I have been in love with the 1950s "drop-waist" style.

These are two which display the basic silhouette where the waist is accentuated, while the flow of the dress doesn't start until the hips, where it is fitted around the waist until if flows out. I rather like this look and would like to make some in the future.
1950s Junior Misses Summer Party Dress, Jumper and Jacket Vintage Sewing Pattern, Drop Waist, Pleated Skirt Simplicity 1077 bust 31" uncut
1950s Dress Pattern Simplicity 1042 Full Skirt Drop Waist Day or Evening Dress Detachable Collar and Cuffs Vintage Sewing Pattern Bust 30
1950s Evening Dress Pattern McCalls 3185 Sleeveless Drop Waist Evening Gown Full Skirt Back Button Bodice Vintage Sewing Pattern Bust 32
Vintage Simplicity 1867 Sewing Pattern, 1950s Dress Pattern, 1950s Coat Pattern, Bust 34 Inches, Vintage Size 14
See there are many different styles, scalloped, straight or from either side. I can't wait to design one of my  own. Here is the pattern I own already.
1950s  Party Dress,Simplicity 1555 Size 12
Pretty Adorable! In a Week I plan to cut out my bodice and start sewing!

Funny Patterns

Hey Everyone! While surfing etsy, as I often do, I came across some pretty hilarious patterns. I thought I'd share some with you.
Vintage Sewing Pattern 1980s Maternity Jumper McCalls 4534 Size B 8-10-12

This is a 1980s maternity jumpsuit, that alone is enough to look ridiculous. But the fact that they chose to pair this with shirts that have billowy sleeves is funny because just when you think it can't get any worse, they throw in more volume. Quite unflattering. Here is another 80s summer maternity jumpsuit.

overalls - jumper - t shirt - sewing pattern - McCall's 9414 - maternity - size8
I love the girl with the shorts style jumpsuit, so unflattering....
Here you have a snazzy men's jumpsuit pattern from the 1970s-1980s.
Simplicity 5178 Misses' and Men's Pullover Nightshirt in two Lengths 1980s Vintage Sewing Pattern UNCUT ALL SIZES
Here is a couples nightshirt. Looks very Bill Cosby.
1980s McCalls 8731STAR WARS EWOK Costume Childs Size Small 6 8 Chest 25 27
1980s Ewok costume...Nuff said.
1950s Maternity Pencil skirt  Simplicity 4004, Waist 28
I'm gonna go ahead and add one of our own to the list.... because it looks ridiculous.
Simplicity 8891 1980s Boys Girls California Raisin and Couch Potato Costume Pattern  Childs Vintage 80s Sewing Pattern  Sizes 2 - 12 Uncut

California rasien and "couch potato" costume, cause we all need this.
McCalls 8311 -Vintage 1980s E. T. Childs Costume Pattern
And Last, a 1980s E.T. costume because your children aren't having enough trouble sleeping already. If you guys have found any weird or funny patterns please write about it in the comments below and I will add it to my next Funny Patterns post.