Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School Shopping

Hey everyone! I took the time yesterday to go back to school shopping at my two favorite vintage shops in U- District, Lucky and Redlight. I plan to go to the Redlight in Capital Hill before school starts as well. I spent under 100$ about...$84. Here is what I got:

This 1960s pink dress with a cute plaid print, it fits like a glove which is refreshing becuase normally when I shop vintage nothing fits, I suspect this dress was a junior size dress. It is made out of a kind of cotton material, so it isn't really fallish but, I can always wear a cardigan. I got this at Lucky Vintage for $30.
Next, I got this nightgown from Lucky vintage, I only had to take in the straps 2 inches of either side, which is easy and it is worth it. Up until now most of my sleepwear is just old T-shirts and shorts, so it is nice to have something cozy as well as vintage and pretty. It was only $20. I could always wear it as a dress when going to the ballet.
Then I got this fabulous leopard print beret. It was $16 at Redlight and I thought "Gee, I really can't live without a vintage leopard print beret!"

And Last, my little bobby sox jacket. It is fully lined, wool and absolutely looked brand new. It was only $18 at Redlight! I am pretty proud of this purchase. More Later! Bye!

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