Friday, November 29, 2013


Hey everyone today is black Friday, and this year they have supposedly combined black Friday and cyber Monday. So, just be sure to buy today and not wait! There are some great deals at different places, for instance Bettie Page Clothing has a great deal of 30% off some dresses and separates, 25% off accessories and beach bash brand items.But an even better deal is the Bettie Page Outlet which sells awesome Bettie page clothing, but marked way down.

 You can save an additional 30% or you can have items marked up to 80% off! I am defiantly gonna take advantage of this deal. Modcloth, has 100s of items 50% off as well. I ordered a lot of stuff, when it gets here I will give you guys a little review of the clothing.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lost Pictures

Hey everyone, a while ago I went to California, and at the end of my post I promised to show you all some more pictures, well somehow they got lost and just a week ago I received the email of photos I had sent myself. Sorry they are late!

Having some Hawaiian punch.

Beautiful view

I just loved this chandelier.

My suit drying in the sun

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Red Head

Hey everyone, I recently dyed my hair red. Not ginger, but like fiery red. Here is roughly what it looks like:
The red has faded a bit and it doesn't look as bright and vibrant as I wanted, so I'm gonna dye it again. I really wanted this red velvet cupcake color, and overall I am happy with it. I used Garnier Nutrisse Ultra-Color in Light Intense Auburn (R3). I never go to a salon to get it dyed because, it is too expensive when you can get practically the same results for less than a third of the price. To pick out my color I found this video which really helped me out.
This is a video by Savannah K Wallace from Maidae, and it is great if you are thinking of dyeing your hair red. As you can see I used the same color and brand as she did. I love colorful hair to death, and red is a color that can be kinda artificial and kinda not at the same time, its great. And last but not least I wanted to tell you guys about my pinterest. Feel free to follow me my name is BobbySockGirl, and I post almost daily really great stuff. So Please Follow me on pinterest and I won't disappoint!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey everyone! I recently discovered a makeup place called Lime Crime. They look super awesome, with great unique colors, from all of the rainbow. They also are completely cruelty free and not tested on animals. I don't own any of these products yet but they are on my Christmas list and I encourage you to check them out.
This color is called "Milky Ways"

"Once in a Blue Mousse"
"Parfait Days"
"Peaches & Cream"
"Crema de Limon"
All of these colors seam to be incredibly pigmented and cute! I really want to try these out.
They have some other great looking products as well like their lipsticks, which come in really fun colors.
Opaque Lipstick
This color is called Coquette, I think it is a nice light pink color.
Opaque Lipstick
This is called airborne unicorn, quite suiting for this color purple. You would have to be brave to wear this color though.
Opaque Lipstick
Here is one called Cosmopop.
Here are all their other shades, really wide rainbow of colors. But, I wasn't really sure if they created a good pigment so I found a video with reviews on YouTube.

They seem to work pretty well, and I put Babette on my list and am excited to try it out. The last item on my list is the Lime Crime Velvetine which dries completely matte and doesn't come off .
I also, like a good girl, researched the efficacy of this item, and found a YouTube review.

After Christmas I will give you a review of these products myself.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm Back

Hey everyone I just got back from California for another wedding! I took a lot of great pictures, here is a picture of the dress I wore.
It was my grandmother's that she wore to her rehearsal dinner for her wedding in the early 1960s.

If you want more info on the alterations CLICK HERE!
Then we took a dip in the pool during the reception.
After that we had a couple days to relax and I drove a golf cart around the golf course. This was my first time driving, and it was super fun!
Here I am just wearing High waisted capris from Bettie Page Clothing and a simple gingham button down shirt. More pictures to come!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Bobby Socks, Oxfords, and Saddle Shoes!

When american teenagers wanted to look different from their mothers and older women. So, they chose saddle shoes. Fall is here and my black flats or high heels aren't exactly warm or dry, so this weekend I have popped down to DSW to get some oxfords. Here are some that I got:

These are genuine leather oxfords, (I got them in black) and they are the Aldo Foretova Oxford Flats and were only $50 at DSW. Then I stocked up on the ultimate bobby socks.
HUE Air Turncuff Socks Bonus Pack
These were Hue Turncuff Socks and were 3 for $16 at Nordstrom, so I bought 3 different pairs.
here are some other great fall / winter outfits.

If you have a style inspiration please email me at and I will put together some outfits, and next time I will post links to where you can buy this stuff. Winter is always troublesome for retro girls, here is a funny video I found starring Doris Mayday, where she talks about what she does to stay warm and retro in the winter.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Growing Pains

Hello, all blog reading people! Yesterday I was going through my closet and trying on all clothes to make sure they still fit, because I am still a young growing girl. To my major disappointment all of the dresses I sewed, didn't fit. the hem was too high, the waist became empire and I couldn't zip it. I lost many beautiful dresses that day, ones vintage, ones I sewn, and ones I spent money on. Luckily, I gained many pieces as well, because we had a stack of vintage stuff to alter, they now fit me. Here's another plus, I can now fit into normal sizes! That makes me a bit happier. I still can't fit into most places, but here are some size charts from places from vintage inspired clothing.

DRESS SIZE0-2'2-4'4-6'6-8'8-10'10-12'12-14'14-16'16-18'

Pinup Girl Clothing

Unique Vintage

These are just a few of the many places to shop, and their size charts. If you want to find more vintage / vintage-inspired places to shop Click Here