Monday, September 30, 2013

Bobby Socks, Oxfords, and Saddle Shoes!

When american teenagers wanted to look different from their mothers and older women. So, they chose saddle shoes. Fall is here and my black flats or high heels aren't exactly warm or dry, so this weekend I have popped down to DSW to get some oxfords. Here are some that I got:

These are genuine leather oxfords, (I got them in black) and they are the Aldo Foretova Oxford Flats and were only $50 at DSW. Then I stocked up on the ultimate bobby socks.
HUE Air Turncuff Socks Bonus Pack
These were Hue Turncuff Socks and were 3 for $16 at Nordstrom, so I bought 3 different pairs.
here are some other great fall / winter outfits.

If you have a style inspiration please email me at and I will put together some outfits, and next time I will post links to where you can buy this stuff. Winter is always troublesome for retro girls, here is a funny video I found starring Doris Mayday, where she talks about what she does to stay warm and retro in the winter.

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  1. Ha! Ha! I love the video, It is hard in the snow and rain.