Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage Bangs

Hey Everyone, lately I have been considering cutting bangs...again. See, I cut them before and I just now finished growing them out. I just find that when my hair is pulled back in a vintage style ponytail, it just doesn't flatter my face, the way it does on other people. I was thinking a nice side bang to start off, and if I like it  I might go full out bangs. Here are my inspirations:

My inspiration was mainly from Brigitte Bardot.
Here is what it would be like in a ponytail. I think she has grapes on her neck...

Look -- I think Brigitte Bardot had the same cowlicks in her bangs as me ... We have sooo much in common.
And here she is yet again, you get the general idea. Below is a couple pictures of Audrey Hepburn showing us how she cuts bangs.

How to Cut Bangs Like a Lady. {gif}
So technically, I would cut them like Emma Stone's down here, then pin curl it to make it this shape.

Emma Stone: Sleek and polished, Emma Stone's midlength fringe is a perfect example of bangs that can be styled down the center or swept off to the side.
Now before I grab the scissors, I want to be sure this will suit my face shape, so I researched it and I found a great site which let's you put hairstyles on your face before you get them. To visit it CLICK HERE. Or if you want to find out your face shape so you can see if bangs will flatter you, CLICK HERE. Or if you want to see more vintage bangs check out this blog post!

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