Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cutting out Fabric

Hello everyone! So last night I decided to cut out the skirt part of a red dress I am sewing.
Here is the pattern I plan to use:
I am really excited to start sewing this dress because of my beautiful fabric I have. So step one, cut out the skirt for my dress. I had to do this very carefully to make sure that the lobed edges lined up correctly at the side seams. Also you can see how pinned the skirt portion to be shorter, this was because when doing this scalloped edge, you can not hem it.
I happend to be watching t.v. while cutting, as I often do. I do not recommend this because you tend to be distracted. I cutout notches on a fold by mistake. At this point it was 9:39, and I wanted to just be lounging and not using my brain. I had to re-cut the whole thing (luckily I had enough fabric). This week I plan on cutting out a muslin for the bodice and sewing it, so I can make it next weekend. I often have to take in an inch down the middle of the bodice, and since this pattern is button down the back, I wanted to be sure the fit was correct before I used the real fabric. I have learned many things from sewing, one of them is that if you are too tired, or have a deadline it only gets worse. So,only do sewing when you are refreshed and ready to work, never rushed or when you " just need to finish."
While lounging outside today my cat, Tigger posed for some pictures.
 That should end your day in a smile!

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