Saturday, July 6, 2013

Which Era?

Hey guys, if you are into vintage fashion which era? Me, I'm kinda into 1940s and 1950s and early 1960s. But many people are more comfortable in other eras. Here is your modern girl with vintage fashion: The 1920s girl. The look of the 1920s was the more masculine look. a different shape evolved and hems creeped upwards. When silent films became popular, girls started to wear makeup. And when the bobbed look came into style, girls quickly caught on, having short hair for the first time in history. Glamour, fashion and adventure were big.

Or, the 1930s girl, I would say that the 1930s was a transition period mostly the waistline. Between the 1920s and 1940s there was an extreme change in waistline and silhouette. Also, after the crash of 1929, people wore more simple clothes, less fur and glamorous, depending on who you were, there certainly was glamour but due to the depression clothing had to be more affordable.. The eyebrows were thin, lips full and the cheeks were rosy.

The 1940s girl, she is into the fruit clips, the chunky heels and the WWII look. Shoulder pads became popular, as they were thought to make the waist look smaller. Due to the war, we had to use less fabric, and many women took apart old clothing to make new things out of them. Pin up and victory rolls were popular and the 1940s moved into the rockabilly scene. The iconic red lips, began during the 40s and shoes became more sensible as women had to take up many jobs men would normally do during the war. (This is Miss Amanda Lee in picture below, she is the perfect 1940s girl)
Or the classic 1950s girl who never left the house without her compact and red lipstick. She wore full skirts and more fitted clothing. Women wore pants and shorts more, and furs became very popular specifically mink. After the war, it was time to celebrate, and with all the struggle for fabric during the war, yards of fabric  in full long gowns became popular. Your hair was curled based on your neck length and face shape in order to flatter each girl the best. During this time teenagers developed a style that would make them different from their mothers, and bobby socks wore the poodle skirts or full skirts with a button up shirt and cardigan. Saddle shoes were a must-have along with your bobby socks and ponytails. Marilyn Monroe changed the silhouette for women everywhere.

And the 1960s girl. Now the thing about the 1960s is that you can be early 60s, mod or flower child. the 1960s was full of changes, colors, and new styles. I think the 1960s was like the second 1920s where they just broke free from the structure and rules of the fashion and time. they made things flowy, less waistline, and shorter hemlines. More beads, and colors and more fun. the hair was less curly often flipped up and slowly became less curled. The makeup became colorful and natural lips, and bright eye shadow. a thinner, less voluptuous look became popular.

So which one are you? Which era suits you best? Do they all? Do you like to mix and match? 

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  1. I love all the photos. I think my favorite era changes. I think that currently I am really enamored with the 1930's and all the "Old Hollywood" Glamour bias cut dresses.I also love some of the beautiful lounging pajamas and nightgowns.
    Have you seen some of the Simplicity S series patterns from that era?