Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hello darling viewers! This week me and my lovely assistant did a photo shoot. Most of the pictures were of things we had sewn with our patterns we sell at The Vintage Sewing Suite. However I did take the time to model some other items I had sewn. Here are the results:
Here I am modeling the high-waisted denim shorts I made.

I used this pattern, which is now available at the Vintage Sewing Suite for purchase. These were a bit of a pain to make because they were huge! I had to scale them down a lot. They turned out ok, but I used hem tape to finish the leg seams, so now when I sit down, they squeeze my legs. But, I have small legs, so I assumed it would be okay to make the legs smaller. It was not.
This is the Vintage poodle broach seen in the pictures below.
Here is the back of the dress.
Here is the pattern I used for this, now available for purchase the Vintage Sewing Suite. It fits really well, the only alteration was made on the muslin of this bodice. But, if you plan to do a pleated dress, I wouldn't suggest using cotton, or anything that wrinkles easily because it is a pain to iron. Maybe I will do this in a wool in the winter, and make it like a jumper, and wear it with a sweater underneath.
And Below is my inspiration photo.
Audrey Hepburn, Isn't she just gorgeous? Well from Wednesday to Monday I will be in Huston, Texas to go see my sister perform at her ballet summer course. So, I won't have my laptop and hope to blog when I get back!

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