Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A good hairstyle, is essential to creating an authentic vintage look. Some prefer to do more of a half- vintage look, or others are dedicated to a daily vintage pin curled look.

Here is an example of looks that are curled with curling iron, or hot rollers, or just pinned into place.

Here is the authentically rolled hair, you can see that both are vintage looking, but the authentic look looks much better. It also takes a lot longer so, you got to have time and patience. I used to pin curl my hair every night, because my hair is super straight not even curling irons or hot rollers stay all day. They were hard to do, but you can do a variety of styles with pin curls. Then I saw this tutorial, with Miss Amanda Lee telling us how she curls her hair. To check it out click here. I try to do this every night, and for me it works really well. Everyone's hair is different, so try what ever works best for you.

Now, if I don't have time to curl my hair the night before. I do some of the styles above. They all look sort or vintage, when I don't have time for curling. And I try to accent it with flowers or bows. I hope you learn something from this! This weekend I will work on my dress, so you can see how I fit the muslin.

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  1. I love these. I am considering a trim to maybe get a more vintage look with a modern edge