Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bias Tape

Hey everyone, so for my swimsuit top I needed to make some bias tape.... It was a challenging process because swimsuit fabric doesn't iron well. I figured out a technique that works pretty well though.
                 First, I cut out the strips into 2 inches thick, then cut those in half into 1 inch thick strands. Next, I grabbed the handy dandy bias tape maker. I had never used one before, but I think once you get them into the machine its great.  However it took me about 10 minutes just trying to slide my slippery fabric into it before I could start ironing. But when I finally did my next step was to pull it through, and I gotta say, this machine is pretty amazing how you push it in on one side and the next side is perfectly folded.
        Once I pulled it through I could use the iron to spray it down heavily with water and iron it. (I had my iron on the highest level, or the one used for cotton) After that I pinned it into place and continue with the rest of the strip, until the whole piece, which was like 4 yards long, was pinned into place. While it cooled I did another 4 yard long piece. This took very long, but it was worth it.
        After the first one was cooled I then ironed it in half again and pinned it into place. Finally after it was all over, I did that to the other one was well. Last, I took pins out and wound it around this piece of cardboard.
I started around 10:30, finished around 1:30....Phew! That was pretty exhausting and I burned my wrist with the iron, I would suggest (as long as you are not doing swimwear) using only cotton or buying the pre-made cotton ones because it actually stays when you iron it, unlike my swimwear fabric.

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  1. I have read about those bias tape makers but have not tried one yet. Glad to see you liked it. I will have to try one myself.