Monday, June 10, 2013

Vintage Sewing Suite

Hey guys!
I just wanted to tell you about my mom and I's pattern business. My mom and I own a shop on Etsy called Vintage Sewing Suite, where we sell vintage patterns. What we do is we buy pattern lots off of eBay, then if

This is our logo I designed!
 we like them and they are in our size, we trace them onto tracing paper, and sew them. Then we are able to re-sell them onto Etsy, it basically pays for our fabric, and sewing supplies (and we get free patterns in the process)  Here is a link:  We sell great patterns and we are planning on soon creating a new line of custom order, lingerie, lounge wear and sleepwear. It will all be vintage inspired, and handmade. That's all for now! Please check out our shop!!

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