Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage Shopping

Hey guys! Last Sunday I went vintage shopping at two of my favorite spots in U-district, Lucky and Redlight. Here is what I got, I bought a lovely pair of 1940s leather shoes at red light for just $15, (on sale) Who wouldn't buy them! The leather is just great, they are already nicely broken in.

And Here it is, my Lucite purse. I got this at Lucky for $28 (Lucky is more expensive) It is a nice bag though, and as you all know, I really wanted one. I might end up making a satin bag to fill the Lucite purse because it is see-through.
Next, I bought this lovely 1940s plaid dress. I had to do some minor alterations to make the bust fit, but other than that it was in good condition, it was $40 at Redlight. I also got some small plastic hair clips for $1 at Lucky and are little purple bows. I got a 1940s sweater as well for $16 it was hand knitted in blue with poofy shoulders. I am in the process of replacing the buttons right now so that is why it is not pictured. After shopping we went to go have some vegan and gluten-free pizza, at Pizza Pi.
 Here is my review of this place: The bread sticks were just pizza crust with seasonings, but quite delicious with the garlic sauce. Now these were just the gluten free version, I saw somebody else get served cal-zones which were just vegan, and those seemed to have better dough. The pizza was kinda bland and too much spinach kept pulling the cheese off. But if you are gluten free and vegan it can be hard to find places where you can good pizza, without cooking. But seriously guys, this was only $10 for bread sticks and pizza! We had leftovers too. Here is the verdict: If you are vegan this is a great place to get cheap, organic and delicious food, If you are gluten free and vegan you might be better off rolling out your own dough by hand.

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