Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sailing, Cars and Sewing

Hey everyone, this weekend is busy. Last night I went out on a sailboat around Seattle, it was beautiful, I have some pictures:
Gorgeous view of Seattle.
Another  beautiful Seattle skyline.
Me on the Sailboat before we took off.
There was a car show in greenwood on the same street as my Swimsuit class at Made Sewing Studio so I was able to look at some of the cars. There were some really nice ones bright, shiny, colorful cars for a mile. All vintage from the cars in the 1920s to ones int he late 60s. I spotted a cherry red 50s convertible that was to die for. I can't dive, but if I could, it would be in that car (sadly I didn't get any pics of it, it was extremely crowded) 
Pink car--Love it!
Great shiny black car!
Nice convertible.
Anyways I started my swimsuit class at Made Sewing Studio today from 12-4. It was really fun, the teacher and owner, Carisa Brunner, was a great help and super nice! She sells a variety of unique patterns including vintage ones. Its super casual kinda set up so people can come in and use the machines or tables and surgers  and she gives you advice if you need it. To use the space and machines it is $10 an hour. My only concern so far is making sure I get a lot done.

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  1. I heard they have a nice space. I would love to go and do open sew time with some friends. The car show looked fun.