Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello everyone, so I recently baked these cupcakes (vegan and gluten-free) from a recipe in the flying apron cookbook I got from their shop in Fremont. The Flying Apron is delicious vegan and gluten-free bakery. This was the cardamom spice cake with the chai butter cream frosting.
 So, if your wondering why these look like little cupcakes covered in melted curry sauce, the recipe called for palm oil, I used red palm oil, and I realized I should have used regular palm oil, or white palm oil or something. So they turned out yellow. Also I wasn't very patient and ended up putting frosting on the cupcake and it ended up melting a bit. I'm not even joking, this was the prettiest one. But looks can be deceiving, this was the most delicious cupcake I had ever tasted (that was vegan and gluten-free) The spices mixed amazingly, the frosting was creamy and the cake was moist. LOVE this recipe.
Here is the cake recipe, with our notes made to it.
And here is the frosting recipe. Sorry all the spots on it, when your hands have batter on them and you need to turn the page, things get messy. 

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  1. They do look yellow..I bet they were good though. I love the Flying Apron bakery.Have you thought of trying a curry frosting?It would be interesting. I am not sure what flavor would complement the curry for the cupcake part.